Post Paul: What now?

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Post Ron Paul: Where do we go now?

Don’t assume that Ron Paul is going to ride off into the sunset, with his cowgirl, Carol, at his side.  He made it clear during his light hearted exchange with Jay Leno that he isn’t finished with us.  And I, for one, am not finished with him either.

If Romney wins, Senator Rand Paul’s trajectory would be on hold and in 2016, Ron Paul, the father, would be the best primary challenger to a Republican establishment president, owned by the FED and the few.

Who else would have the guts to do it?  And the media, who under normal circumstance would pan him, might let him have more than 89 seconds, just to have some fun – and some ratings – in an otherwise boring re-nomination process.  Another run would help educate even more and fatten the Liberty Movement for Senator Rand…

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“Security” at the RNC

Doug Wead The Blog

Doug Wead’s photo visit to the Republican National Convention

My first RNC was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1964.  I was eighteen years old.  Barry Goldwater was the nominee.  I talked my way into the lobby of the Mark Hopkins Hotel and drank Gold water out of a punch bowl.  It was exciting.  I shared the experience with Barry Goldwater, Jr. and his son backstage at the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa.

But nothing will ever compare to this 2012 convention.  Let’s call it the “Brownshirt Convention.”  The nominee, Mitt Romney, was apparently concerned lest there be a public demonstration.  The downtown was like a concentration camp with barriers and fences keeping people in and others out.  Armed guards outnumbered the people on the deserted streets.


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